Tower Hamlets college Mural Project

The Mural project The 16th of may was the day when I made vibrant Mural in my college. That day I started at about 9 o’clock in the morning and I finished about 18.15 in the evening. whole process was capturing with cameras ,each 30 seconds cameras were taking photos, This Method called ‘’ Time lapse’’ Wall was quite tall,for this reason photographers had to adjust camera angle several times up and down. Before I started, I was preparing the wall surface because were several glossy areas ,so with sanding paper i was twisting around the wall until i got equal surface. First step was to transfer image from the sketch on the wall ,this process was always challenge for me because I like to create image instantly on the wall or other surfaces without any preparation. Next stage was to draw the outline and fill the empty gaps with colours ,for this I was using green and yellow colors ,for background I used blue and white mixture(I had strong blue on my sketch I was to strong for this area ,and I used white to brighten the color) Then secondly, I had to color the figures with various colours, regarding camera capture just one third of the wall I had to move up and down several times as well to fill all figures with colours. it was first time in my life when I was working in front of cameras all day long..but It was nice to do something new.. Finally, when almost all job was done ,the only thing what's left to do was highlight the figures shape with black color. When I doing paintings normally I using roller brush and to cover background with colourful patterns and the in the end I highlight shapes with black. This project for me was really exciting and fun to .. I learnt lot with it ,for example how patient you have to be when you working with demanding client (this time my client was Teacher Zak who helped me to get the wall, who gave me instructions for this project)

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